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About Us

Shanghai Jiufeng Food Machinery Co., Ltd. is a modern and new enterprise with many years of experience in manufacturing candy production equipment. The company integrates science, industry and trade, and realizes the overall development. Over the years, the company has invested a lot of money in product research and development, and now has a capable scientific and technological team, and the technical development level has reached the domestic advanced level. With the continuous development and expansion of the company at any time, the company has established a special production base with high degree of automation and domestic advanced processing equipment. With the continuous development and expansion of the company at any time, the product range has also been continuously extended. It has developed from the original single variety production to a variety of sugar making machinery and candy packaging machinery.

Jiufeng company has a strict system, and its employees must pass a strict examination. The pre examination training includes four parts: professional ethics, industry instructions, professional knowledge and mechanical operation, so as to ensure that the professionals match the modern professional production line.

Jiufeng company's professional production line has advanced testing facilities, including the function test of production line, product performance test, and product quality test to ensure the product quality strictly.

The company has effectively controlled the performance of the products through various checks and controls, and the corporate image has been effectively improved. Perfect after-sales service, quality tracking of product terminal, instant and effective communication with consumers, welcomed by the majority of users.

Jiufeng always takes "technological innovation and perfect process, manufacturing first-class products; refining team, integrating scientific management, providing enthusiastic service" as the company's concept, summarizes the past and inspires the future, so as to have a permanent foothold in the machinery manufacturing industry.

In terms of technology, we constantly innovate and strive for high-tech and high-grade;

In terms of technology, we strive for excellence, break through the tradition and strive for excellent quality;

In management, we emphasize science and pursue the idea of international management;

In terms of service, we adhere to the principle of "customer first".